Mid Century Style Mustard Planter - J G Pottery


Make your house plants feel at home...

...in this flecked stoneware planter, with a tonal mustard glaze. These are self contained planters - so you can place your indoor plant inside in its original pot.



12cm dia x 13cm h




J G Pottery make functional pieces, paying particular attention not just to line, shape and colour but also the details of how they might be handled and used. All his work is thrown, turned and glazed by hand in small batches, so everything is quite unique.

Jim is inspired especially by studio pottery of the 60s and 70s, Scandinavian makers like Soholm and Lovemose and classic British household ware like Hornsea and Denby.


New. Each handmade item will have its own variations and unique character - they may be perfectly imperfect!


£12.00 to mainland UK. For shipping outside this zone, please get in touch for a quote.